Salmon egg incubation using Jordan-Scotty Salmonid Egg Incubators

The Friends of the Kouchibouguacis Inc., the local watershed group based in Saint-Louis-de-Kent, wish to share their experience using Jordan-Scotty egg incubators. This document illustrates an overview of the progression of the planning and preparation of the project, and an outline of the methodology used for the preparation and installation of the incubators. Difficulties, adjustments, recommendations, various partnerships and costs will be briefly addressed in this document. This document may be used as reference and modified to the users needs since watercourses vary considerably when it comes to gradient, meanders, substrate types, habitat type and availability, etc. Some users may be able to use some of the methods we initially used as some users will opt for the modified methods…We hope this document will encourage other people to use the Jordan-Scotty incubators as we are starting to see positive results.

Please don’t let the quantity of pages included in this document make you think that incubation installation is a terribly difficult charge; incubation installation does require some planning ahead, and some attention to details. This is simply a compilation of the information we gathered along our journey that we wish to share with hopes to ease the process for those who are looking into this type of stocking. **A simplified point form summary is included at the end of the document showing the step-by-step process we are presently using. You may print the summary and include it in your incubation equipment kit and use it as a guide…although we strongly suggest reading the entire document in order to better comprehend the reason we follow this process! (click here for printable summary)