Our Objectives

  1. Leisure activities

We want our waters and our environment to be suitable for a variety of recreational uses including swimming, canoeing, kayaking, hiking, etc.

  1. Recreational and commercial fishing

We want our waters and our environment to be suitable for animal life and reproduction, in particular that of all species involved in recreational and commercial fishing. To this end, we must

   -Protect and restore aquatic habitat.
   -Make a responsible use of lands within the watershed.

  1. Tourism

We wish to use eco-tourism to leverage the region’s tourist potential. A healthy environment combined with adequate infrastructures and services will provide the basis for the development and prosperity of tourism and eco-tourism in our region.

  1. Sources of drinking water

We wish to ensure that the watershed will provide sources of drinking water in the quantity and quality required in the long term. Responsible land use in the watershed will ensure the health of its water table.

  1. Ecological integrity

We wish to maintain the ecological integrity of the river and the watershed by protecting the natural quality of water, soil, plant life and animal life, and respecting the links between them.