Atlantic Salmon – Kouchibouguacis Watershed
(education, egg incubation, restoration and monitoring)

The Friends of the Kouchibouguacis (TFK) have been working on the rehabilitation and protection of the Atlantic salmon and its native habitats for many years. Since the 1990’s, their restoration methods and monitoring techniques have evolved to help enhance the Atlantic salmon populations in the area. The work continues with new research techniques, data collection and analysis.  Some of the activities that have been implemented by TFK over the years include:


These activities have been possible thanks to numerous established partnerships, the sharing of indigenous knowledge and the generous volunteer work from residents and students from local schools. TFK have also been involved in stewardship activities such as workshops, meetings, kiosk sessions, beach sweeps, waterfront property consultations, several in-class presentations and field trips offered to students from local schools. The Atlantic salmon fishing season has been closed on Kouchibouguacis River since 1998 much to the disappointment of the whole community, particularly to local anglers.  TFK empathizes with local fishermen and are confident that these projects will eventually contribute to the return of salmon population in our watersheds. Hopefully it will result in the reopening of a salmon fishing season with all the social and economic benefits that come with it for the people in our communities. This project has been featured on CBC news you can read the article here and view the video bellow.

If you would like to contribute to the success of these projects, don’t hesitate to contact us and visit our go fund me page here:


This project is funded by The Atlantic Salmon conservation Foundation, the New Brunswick Wildlife Trust Fund, and the Coastal Restoration Fund.